Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pembedahan Buah dada yang menjadi ingauan wanita

Replacement of silicone breast implants

Despite the rapidly developing technologies in the field of medicine, breast augmentation and now - is a complex surgical procedure. As with other operations, there may be complications. There is also a risk of complications from the implants, the most common of which are violations of sensitivity, chronic inflammation, and the displacement of implants.

A. In the early 80-ies in the press has information on the possible development of breast cancer patients who underwent breast augmentation surgery. One of the largest manufacturers of implants was an American company «Dow Corning». Pictured: The surgeon prepares the patient for surgery to replace the defective implants.

Two. In 1998, the company recognized the bankruptcy after lengthy court proceedings and payment of claims from more than 170 000 affected women.
Since 1991, the market of plastic surgery could be heard about the French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), which produces a variety of medical products, annually producing more than 100,000 breast implants. Products of the company «PIP» acquired the status of exclusive. In the photo: The patient's chest is put special markings.
Three. According to the managers of the company, its products as a filler for implants used in the production of silicone gel vysokogezivny or saline. One of the main properties of the gel vysokogezivnogo is its low fluidity, which allows it to not flow out at break of the outer shell and retain a given shape under external loads. Outer shell of the implant further strengthened PIP special protection, eliminating the possibility of rupture or gel propotevanie out. In the photo: A woman is ready for operation
4. However, in 2009 the quality of implants PIP was in jeopardy because of the frequency of rupture of implants. In 2010 it was reported that the implants do not contain high-tech medical gel, and the usual industrial silicone, which costs no more than 10% of the price of this vysokogezivnogo silicone gel. In the photo: Doctor holding new implant, the patient will be installed.
Five. Soon was published about the woman's death, which happened because of lymphoma breast implants caused by PIP. At the end of December 2011 the French government recommended that more than 30 thousand French women to change the dangerous implants. In the photo: anesthetist prepares a woman for surgery. Surgical intervention of this kind are carried out under general anesthesia.
6. The risk of implant rupture PIP, according to some estimates, approximately 10% and the risk of leakage of silicone - 11%. However, removal of defective implant does not give 100 per cent guarantee to avoid complications. At the end of 2011 there were eight cases of mammary tumors in patients who removed the implant. To date, 672 have already performed surgery to remove the implants. In 43 cases the implants were damaged in the 14 - gel seeped through the outer shell. In the photo: Dr. commence operations.
7. Surgeons in nearly 70 countries around the world have used implants company «PIP» in the course of breast augmentation surgeries. And count the number of women whose health is threatened, it becomes unreal. According to some assumptions, the number of patients - more than 400,000. In the photo: women treated skin antiseptic.
Eight. In 2011 the company closed the PIP, its founder, Jean-Claude Mas Interpol has an international wanted list. In the photo: during the operation.
9. In the picture: Faulty Implant replacing a new one.
10. Pictured: The new implant patient set.
11. Pictured: The surgeon places sutures
12. In the picture: In the hands of the surgeon - the extracted low-quality implant.

Fikirkanlah jika mempunyai kemahuan untuk membuat pembedahan kerana bukan sahaja berdosa dari sisi agama tetapi risiko melakukan pembedahan ini amat tinggi..